The entire space of the circle becomes our Sphere of inner being-
it becomes a sacred area in which, like a magic carpet,
we can travel into other states of being ~ Phillip Carr Gromm

Here are some pictures of just a few of my past sacred Altars and magical Ceremonies. I share with you these Altars in hopes you create a place of power, an anchor for the soul in your home. Creation of personal altars & sacred energy is the heart-beat of Magic... Barbara Morris

This was a simple Altar for Lughnassadh, altars need not complicated to be magical or powerful

This was a Harvest Altar for Mabon, created by myself and two other witches Johanna & Laura.

These are magical herbal powders I pour over candle flames to raise energy on my Altar

This was a Healing Altar that was dedicated my brother Richie, he was very ill with a rare blood disorder at the time, this is why his picture sits in "Doves Blood" water as we prayed for him.

This is a White Magic Altar of Power, created to bring me personal strength

This is part of a Tarot Altar used for a Communication Spell

A simple Altar created in the Snow by my kitchen window, to honor the Spirits of Winter

This is a "Binding Candle". who's purpose can never be revealed

Set up YOUR own Altar

Basic Altar Set Up

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Guest Altars

Bast Healing & Protection Altar comfort to cats and their Familiars. By Joe Erdmann

Pagan Wedding Altar ~~~ Pagan Shelf Altar

Out Door Altar

February Full Moon Love Altar

Paper Altar

Pagan Ritual Altar

Skyclad Altar


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